The Maslina Resort

It is said that beauty is a promise of happiness; this sentiment takes on its full meaning at the magnificent Maslina Resort. Located in Stari Grad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this vast property hosts a number of rooms as well as several suites and villas, all of which boast seafront living spaces with private gardens or pools. Founded on the principles of ecologically responsible hotel management, the property is dedicated to preserving the pristine environment and cultural heritage of the island of Hvar. Its sustainably built accommodations stretch along the Adriatic Sea, where enchanting vineyards converse with charming olive groves under an exalted azure sky. On warm summer days, this elegant Dalmatian setting, nestled in a pine forest, enjoys a refreshing breeze that brings with it an undeniable sense of calm and repose, offering guests a glimpse of eternal bliss.

Esiweni Luxury Lodge

Nambiti Game Reserve, Lady Smith, South Africa

Esiweni Luxury Safari Lodge is a hidden jewel in one of the most beautiful private reserves in South Africa.

Here you will enjoy the peace and serenity of the great outdoors, comfort and privacy in your suite, the traditional French “savoir vivre”, dining under the stars, gazing out over the world from your panoramic terrace overlooking the Sunday River and encounter the “big five” accompanied by your Ranger.

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is an extraordinary champagne house that is inspired and immersed directly in the philosophy of Pierre Perignon, which lies in the search for the ultimate perfection of champagne wine.

Dom Perignon embodies the excellence of a winemaking know-how preserved and enriched over the centuries. Dom Perignon is only millesime.